WES-II Project

WES-II has been launched with a project period of three years (2015-2018) with extended grants from the Government of Switzerland. Overall objective of the project is to stimulate sustainable livelihood options for surrounding households of the MHPs while protecting them simultaneously and effectively against natural hazards. Total budget of the project is PKR 398 Million.  It is focuses on increasing economic and ecological development opportunities through utilization of electricity in Yarkhoon & Laspoor valleys while increasing benefits for 2,200 households directly from electricity with extended project interventions. Project activities are designed around Agriculture & fish farming through adaptation of environment friendly livestock & crop system; value Chain & Business development; Community owned utility companies and distribution system for electricity system; and Water management & Environment system. The project encourages productive end use of clean energy for generating income earning opportunities for the people in these remote valleys. So far Project Progress in on is  well on track and all the major milestones have been achieved. In this period, official commissioning of both micro hydels was successfully completed and documented.

Through the assistance of Focus Humanitarian Assistance, assessed vulnerability of villages located in the jurisdiction of MHPs. For promoting ecotourism in targeted areas, agreement was signed with College of Tourism & Hotel Management for training and capacity building of local hotels and tour operators. More importantly Transmission & distribution systems were sufficiently enhanced and expanded. Operation Maintenance International Services (OMIS) set up their technical teams for operation & maintenance of MHPs.  For the first time, an Investors Conference was organized in partnership with Chitral Chamber of Commerce for promotion of local business.