PEDO Micro-Hydro Project

PEDO awarded the design, construction, operation and maintenance of 55 number of projects in Chitral to AKRSP and construction progress of those projects stand at different stages. However, so far 33 projects have been completed. These 55 projects will cover partial households of 22 Union Councils & 40 Village Councils covering a total of 11,605 households of district Chitral.

The capacity of the projects ranges from 15 kW to 500 kW with total installed capacity of 6.3 MW.  The need and demand for mini/micro hydro project is increasing and so far 300 + sites have been identified by the communities and the size ranges from 20kW to 1 MW.

The completed 33 projects have installed capacity of 2.18 MW, covering 4199 households and by13 projects have been operationalized by the end of August 2017, providing regular electricity to the communities. The remaining projects are in construction phase and the progress ranges from 20 % to 99 % and most will be completed by December 2017. Six projects above 250 kW will be carried forward to 2018 due to the machinery import from China.

The completed projects have not been handed over to the community due lack of handing/ taking over mechanism by PEDO. However, PEDO has promised to devise soon a tariff and handing over mechanism for the operation & maintenance of these projects with community participation.