Satpara Development Project

Satpara Development Project (SDP), with financial portfolio of US$ 20 million, is a five-year (05) Project designed to maximize the impact of Satpara Dam Project on the people living within the command area of Right and Left Bank Canals of the Satpara Dam which was completed earlier with a US$ 27 million funding from people of United States of America through USAID. SDP will contribute to this ultimate objective through four complementary components: (i) Efficient Use of On-Farm Irrigation Water, (ii) Enhanced Productivity of Higher Value Horticulture and Dairy Products, (iii) Enhanced Processing and Marketing Capacity of the Area, and (iv) Creation of an Enabling Environment for the Agriculture Sector to Grow. All the four components of the project are designed to be mutually reinforcing and interactive as to most effectively achieve long term, sustainable results at scale. In terms of program implementation, the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) is responsible for most of the project activities and directly implement in the field while Aga Khan Foundation Pakistan (AKF-P) is responsible for implementation of larger activities and is also responsible for inter-agency coordination, monitoring and grant management being the Executing Agency; it bears the ultimate responsibility for project results and reporting to USAID. The project is being implemented within the command area of LBC and RBC of the Satpara Dam in Skardu town between the villages of Hoto Ranga in the West and Thorgo Bala in the East with Skardu Town in the middle.

Funded by: USAID, Government of USA
Project Duration: 5 Years (March 2012-March 2017)
Geographic Focus: Skardu (command area of right and left bank canals of the Satpara Dam)


To increase agricultural GDP growth by two-thirds (assuming a baseline annual growth rate of 3 per cent), increasing employment and reducing rural poverty by 20 per cent over the next 5 years in Satpara Development Project Area.


To increase on-farm water use efficiency, agro-productivity and agro-marketing facilities within the command area of the Satpara Dam Irrigation Scheme in order to provide income generating and employment opportunities.

Key Targets

  • Provide efficient irrigation to more than 15,000 acres of land benefiting 12,000 households in Skardu
  • Organize farmers into 137 Water User’s Association for efficient management of newly developed irrigation system
  • Enhance productivity of High-Value Horticulture and Dairy Products by training 700 producers/farmers
  • Strengthen local market economy by creating 4850 jobs

Key Achievements

  • 18 main channels and 150 tertiary channels completed.
  • 130 water users associations and 40 Farmer enterprise groups have been formed.
  • 175 passive solar greenhouses constructed and 50 dehydration units have been provided to awardees.
  • 27 commercial fruit orchards, 12 vegetable farms have been establish.
  • 06 mother fruit nurseries established and in year 2016 over 12 thousand certified fruit trees will be available for sale.
  • 500 farmers trained in fruit processing skills. And One milk processing unit and one yogurt processing unit established
  • Artificial insemination services have been established in partnership with private and public sector and over 3000 successful cases have been reported.